Welcome Promotion

As we get this new pool to the goal of 5mil ADA staked, we'll be offering an onboarding promotion to the first few delegators who match the following criteria.

  • For individuals who stake 500k+ and stay for at least 4 epochs, we'll reward them with 250 ADA.
  • For individuals who stake 1m+ and stay for at least 2 epochs, we'll reward them with 250 ADA.
Work Process

Why Delegate With Relay?

When staking with us, you can be assured of uptime, reliability and continual enhancements & improvements to infrastructure to help keep returns as high as possible

  • Pool Links: cexplorer.io | pooltool.io

  • Ticker: RELAY

  • ID: 6c1c1fc2b1e3e1ac056f6dd4dd4c3b78e66bd01896ca6e98a4d2431e

More About Relay

Safe & Secure
Safe & Secure

Your staked ADA is completely safe! Your staked funds remain solely in your control - stake pools never have access to your funds or rewards. Additionally, you can never lose funds by staking them.

low fees
Low Fees

In order to cover the running costs of our nodes, we charge a low fee of 2.5%. This fee will ensure our nodes can be kept alive, and we can expand our number of relays in the future.

Univarsal Access
Small Pool Supporter

Support smaller pools by staking/delegating to them to help kickstart block minting!

Secure Storage

Relay Pool, has 1 block producer and 2 relays to help minimize downtime, improve security and ensure our delegators receive the maximum profits possible.

Low Cost

There are several pools who hike their fees upon receiving enough delegators, we however are guaranteeing to never go beyond 2.5% margins.

Several Profit

We intend to grow RELAY as much as possible (up until the saturation point), by supporting the community, creating content and garnering additional delegation support to provide the best ROI for our stakers.

RELAY Pool Summary

mobile apps

How much money am I able to make?

You can use the rewards calculator to get an idea of how much you will earn in rewards. It’s important to note that the calculator produces only reward estimates and shouldn’t be considered definitive or a guarantee of reward amounts. In the future, we will likely test different parameters that may affect reward margins. Amounts calculated are therefore subject to change, but represent a realistic and sensible level of return.

  • Click here to navigate to the official Cardano ADA calculator

  • Please keep in mind the rewards predicted by this calculator are only an estimate.

  • Now you can do more than hodling; see how much rewards you can possibly earn by staking ada

Cardano Calculator

Our Team

Frequently Asked questions

The below FAQs are a compilation of findings from multiple sources, listed below:
Cardano.org | Cardano.org

What is staking?

Ada held on the Cardano network represents a stake in the network, with the size of the stake proportional to the amount of ada held. The ability to delegate or pledge a stake is fundamental to how Cardano works.

There are two ways an ada holder can earn rewards: by delegating their stake to a stake pool run by someone else, or running their own stake pool. The amount of stake delegated to a given stake pool is the primary way the Ouroboros protocol chooses who should add the next block to the blockchain, and receive a monetary reward for doing so.

The more stake is delegated to a stake pool (up to a certain point), the more likely it is to make the next block – and the rewards are shared between everyone who delegated their stake to that stake pool.

What is a stake pool?

Stake pools are run by stake pool operators. These are network participants with the skills to reliably ensure consistent uptime of a node, which is essential in ensuring the success of the Ouroboros protocol and the Cardano network as a whole.

The protocol uses a probabilistic mechanism to select a leader for each slot, who will be expected to create the next block in the chain. The chance of a stake pool node being selected as slot leader increases proportionately to the amount of stake delegated to that node. Each time a stake pool node is selected as a slot leader and successfully creates a block, it receives a reward, which is shared with the pool proportionate to the amount each member has delegated. Stake pool operators can deduct their running costs from the awarded ada, as well as specify a profit margin for providing the service.

What is stake delegation?

Delegation is the process by which ada holders delegate the stake associated with their ada to a stake pool. It allows ada holders that do not have the skills or desire to run a node to participate in the network and be rewarded in proportion to the amount of stake delegated.

Are there incentives?

Yes, Incentives are used to ensure the longevity and health of the Cardano network and ecosystem. The incentive mechanism is underpinned by scientific research that combines mathematics, economic theory, and game theory.